Addus HomeCare Sustainability/ESG

At Addus, we are addressing ESG, or sustainability, through a set of practices and principles of corporate citizenship that promote long-term, sustainable value creation for Addus, our stakeholders, our employees, and our communities at large.

Our approach recognizes the links between our corporate leadership, supporting Addus employees and their well-being, and providing homecare and healthcare services to support individuals and their families, all of which result in positive sustainable impacts on our local communities.



We look to the following core values to guide us:


The Addus Way: Sustainable business built on strong social, governance and environmental principles

We invite you to learn more about our Social, Governance and Environmental sustainability efforts below.

Social services are at the heart of our mission, providing high quality care for the elderly, disabled and chronically ill, supporting independence and dignity for the people we serve. With over 33,000 employees, Addus is among the largest employers in the United States, and we believe employment and job creation is one of the key drivers of economic growth, dignity and prosperity for individual employees and their communities. Learn more about our approach to patient care and our employee support here.

Governance at Addus begins with clearly establishing our purpose as an organization devoted to service and then creating the structure for oversight and accountability to guide us. We pride ourselves on Addus’s outstanding reputation of operating at the highest ethical levels, and we have worked to implement policies that support compliance and leadership and reflect our set of values from everyone on our team, including our Board of Directors, our executive leadership team and our caregivers. Learn more about our governance here.

While the nature of our services in the home cause our impact on the Environment to be substantially lighter than most, we recognize that everyone has a part to play in sustaining and nurturing the world around us. Learn more about the steps we are taking to enhance and protect our environment here.